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A point of reference in the credit recovery field.

We have been helping banks, companies and freelancers to manage their loans for years.

Our goal is to facilitate creditors’ relationships to recover what is due from their debtors as soon as possible.

Don't wait until it's too late to catch up with them!

Our aim

is to facilitate creditors’ relationships with their partners so to recover due amounts from debtors as soon as possible.

Unpaid debts or late payments are part of a phenomenon growing day by day, and above all, they are a source of considerable stress.

Through our service you’ll be able to devote yourself to your business in peace, entrusting us with managing your credits.

Rely on us to manage delicate situations. We can monitor any business partners, helping you in a precise and professional way.

Why should you request our services?

It’s usually the best to carefully consider the choice of any new business partner so to avoid unnecessary losses or late payments.  

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it could be helpful to rely on specialized agencies that have the tools to carry out an objective and in-depth assessment of the economic situation of any new business partner, scoping out any possible debtor.

This also applies when dealing with regular partners, or even when the partnership is ongoing: the monitoring of the reliability of the debtors should be always happening.

Missed payments or delays in solving debts can not only cause economic damage, but also severe psychological stress.

This is why is better to rely on an agency that can help you better manage these situations and knows how to effectively solve insolvency issues quickly, effectively, and in full compliance with current law.

Our activities rely on experience and professionalism, and we know the best way to approach a debtor and satisfy our customer completing the assignment as quickly as possible.

Count on us!

Credit recovery

In addition to our research services, we have been helping our customers in debt collection for years.

Our debt collection company has as its primary objective to help banks, freelancers and other institutions obtain…

Fees and conditions

Our goal is to develop an excellent collaboration with our customers that also includes clear and transparent contractual bases.

Here below you will find our fees and conditions:​

Partner companies


We’ve been working with companies for years…

To request our services, you can fill out a request using the following form.

As required by law, it is necessary to send an email certifying its declaration of intent to the address infro@cobro.info.

The cost for requesting our research services on a customer can be found in the fee section.

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